Young Ballymun

ABC National Learning Event on 15th June

The ABC sites came together on June 15th in the NCI to raise awareness and celebrate the work of the ABC’s across the country. This was a well attended event with staff from the ABC’s alongside our partners in the statutory, community and educational sectors. Two papers were presented, one on Oral language: Mapping & Learning from Oral Language Services within  Area Based Childhood Programmes’, recognising the need to capture the wealth of learning across all ABC sites and in doing so, synthesising it into one paper, this essentially is the story about the journey so far.

The other paper:  developing  A Framework for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health was launched  on the day….. ‘As IMH is becoming more embedded in the work of ABC Programmes, it is timely to reflect on the complementarity of IMH and ABCs and map out a framework to guide the ongoing development and growth of IMH in the communities served by ABCs