Young Ballymun

Youngballymun – Our Story

Youngballymun commenced in 2007 and is now part of the national Area Based Childhood Programme (ABC) focused on improving wellbeing and learning outcomes for children. Our services develop capacity of parents and practitioners across children’s, family and community environments and the relevant children’s services in the health, early years, primary education, community and other sectors.

Youngballymun also works with wider partners at national level and in other communities to disseminate and share the learning from our work. Youngballymun strives to ensure change at all levels for children, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The Youngballymun plan is structured around four strands, three practice and one strategic.  Across the practice strands – Infant and Early Years Mental Health; Parenting for Social and Emotional Wellbeing; and Family and Community Language and Literacy – the focus is on working with parents and practitioners to maximise their capacity to improve children’s outcomes through evidence-based ways of working.  

Through all of this work, there is a renewed emphasis on mainstreaming and developing service capacity, working in partnership with other organisations in the community to integrate new ways of working and drive quality practice.  The Prevention and Early Intervention Partnership and Policy strand supports the other strands by facilitating collaboration at local level and by communicating about this work to wider audiences.