Young Ballymun

Youngballymun Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Learning Network

Practitioners have said:

“I really value this space as it supports progression and professional development”

“I feel nourished and get so much from coming.  I feel like I am with my tribe”

“I enjoy the peer learning model, rather than having experts come in to teach”

“I have been able to share my knowledge with colleagues on different teams and with trainee psychologists and students – many of whom have gone on to extend their own training in early years skills”

“There is always active discussion and time for reflection and this reflective practice has become the corner stone of my work”

“For me being part of the IMH network has been a great support to me in both personal and work situations.The parents I work with would all have an addiction issue and it has been helpful to be able to look back and into their own childhoods and see how this has impacted on them”

For who:

Membership is open to practitioners based in the Ballymun area or working with families in the area and providing a range of health, education, care and community services to children 0-5 yrs and/or their parents/carers who have completed an IMH Masterclass.

New members are welcomed.  Prospective members who have not attended the Youngballymun Masterclass in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health training are required to complete an Expression of Interest Form (available from Youngballymun).  

What can I expect?

The group meets on the the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 12 to 1.30pm

Why do we do it?

The overall purpose of the Youngballymun Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Network is to:

  • Develop relationship based practice in services for 0-5 year olds by building competence in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, through increased awareness and understanding of IMH theory and its practical application
  • Provide a forum for discussion, learning and reflection on IMH
  • Provide a forum for peer support and professional networking
  • Identify training needs and provide information on training opportunities
  • Link with the Irish Association for Infant Mental Health and Youngballymun-led IMH initiatives to promote policy and practice development
  • Enhance members’ fluency and literacy in IMH issues

Access to Learning Network portal here

Find out more:

Contact Hazel Murphy on 087 204 2715 or