Young Ballymun



Children and families in Ballymun are physically and emotionally healthy and secure and have multiple opportunities to reach their full potential.
Youngballymun collaborates with our partner organisations to deliver better outcomes for children and families to make this vision a reality.


To promote secure relationships and deliver positive wellbeing and learning outcomes for children from pre-birth on.


  1. To support parents as agents in the learning, emotional, social and physical wellbeing and development of their children.
  2. To collaborate with parents, practitioners, groups and organisations to build the skills, systems and structures that will maximise their unique contribution and support the delivery of quality learning and wellbeing outcomes for parents and children in Ballymun.
  3. To support and nurture learning communities and communities of practice to reflect and learn together to ensure better learning and wellbeing outcomes for parents and children. 
  4. To encourage every organisation to prioritise Prevention and Early Intervention Practice. To demonstrate and articulate the impact of evidence-based prevention and early intervention practice and to contribute to national and international policy and practice. 
  5. To ensure Youngballymun operates to the highest standard of excellence.


Belief in People: We believe in the unique human potential of each and every person. We strive to create opportunities to develop this potential in all aspects of our work. We place meaningful, trusting relationships at the centre of all that we do. We believe we all have the capacity to learn and change in a way that is empowering and fulfilling. We encourage the active participation of children, young people and their parents in being the agents of their own development and the advancement of Ballymun.

Respect: In all our work, treating children and young people of Ballymun, their parents and the community with respect and dignity is paramount. We appreciate and respect the contributions of all our partners. We value diversity and embrace difference as a means of adding deeper meaning and understanding to what we do.

Transparency & Openness: We are inclusive, approachable and welcoming of all who wish to participate in Youngballymun. Our practice and procedures are transparent. We are honest about the achievements, challenges, and lessons learned from our work and are happy to actively share these with others.

Commitment: We are committed to delivering high quality health, learning and  wellbeing outcomes for children in Ballymun. We are accountable for our work. We regularly monitor, question and evaluate what we do in order to refine our methods. We strive at all times to work to the highest standards. We believe in collaborative working and are committed to making this happen in all the partnerships we find ourselves in.

Creativity: We believe in the power of creativity to bring about positive change.  We seek to use creative means to problem solve, celebrate success and promote learning.

Equality and Inclusion: All children and young people are equally important in the eyes of Youngballymun. We recognise that some children and young people experience more complex barriers to full participation in community life. With this in mind, we commit to identify, understand and address barriers that prevent their participation in the work of Youngballymun.