Young Ballymun

Story Sacks

Parents have said: 

This course helped me remember how much I love reading and to share that enjoyment with my children. I loved coming to the course and meeting other parents”

“This course made me be able to explain books and their contents to my child. I appreciate reading books more. I think every mam and dad should do this course to meet other parents and get the kids loving books and reading”

For who? 

Story Sacks is run in partnership with local primary schools so any parent with a child in school can attend. 

What can I expect? 

Weekly class for 8 weeks in a local school from 9am -11am. You will learn how to bring books to life for your child and create a love of reading, writing and talking. Time for tea/ coffee and a chat with other parents.

Why do we do it?

Over eight weeks parents develop a range of skills and create a “story sack” 

Parents are supported to:

  • Hug their books!
  • Model to their children that learning is fun and enjoyable
  • Encourage their children to have a positive attitude to learning
  • Develop their children’s imagination, language skills and a love of learning.
  • Reflect on home learning opportunities

Find out more: 

Contact Lána on 087 923 6239 /