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Hug Your Book© Programme

The Hug Your Book© Programme was developed initially to support the introduction of language and literacy skills to parents attending other Youngballymun programmes. This programme can be used as an introductory course to family literacy programmes for parents or as a stand-alone four-week programme. Youngballymun applies this programme to their Infant Massage programme, Talk and Play Everyday programme, Incredible Years programme and all Family literacy Programmes.

For who?

The programme is for all parents who want to make reading fun and learn new ways to support their children’s literacy skills through fun and rewarding activities

What can I expect?

A book club where parents bring books to life for their children and instil a love of reading, writing and talking from birth through to  primary school, children love having books read to them.

Why do we do it?

Parents develop a range of skills to support their children’s reading writing and talking. Parents are supported to:

  • Hug their books!
  • Develop the parent/baby/ child relationship through a love of reading books
  • Model to their children that learning is fun and enjoyable
  • Encourage their children to have a positive attitude to learning
  • Develop their children’s imagination, reading and writing skills, language skills and a love of learning.
  • Reflect on home learning opportunities

“I never read to my children before but now I read all the time to them and they have really come on great and they love reading now” Parent attending the Hug Your Book© Programme.

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