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The Oral Language Forum

Oral language is a term used to describe speaking, listening, understanding and communicating with others for a variety of functions. It includes the ability to use a wide range of words and understand their meaning, the ability to express ideas, use appropriate grammatical patterns and follow directions. Oral language skills are the building blocks on which literacy and numeracy development are based.

The Oral Language Forum is for Educators, Speech and Language Therapists and academics to build a community to: 

  • Share experiences of the challenges of best practice in relation to oral language development; 
  • Capture the benefits of integrated service delivery; 
  • Inform local and national policy; 
  • Promote future innovation and learning across the lifecycle.

Membership of the forum is open to all those involved in work to support enhanced outcomes for oral language, whether at the level of policy or practice, who are working towards or have an interest in supporting models of service delivery that support prevention and early intervention at a universal level.

Access to Oral Language Forum portal here

For more information contact: Lána McCarthy on 087 923 6239 or