Young Ballymun

Infant Mental Health Therapeutic Support

Parents have said:

“It helped me break the cycle so what happened to me when I was a child won’t happen to my kids”

“I feel more confident in myself with my daughter, like I’m a good parent and before I wouldn’t have felt like that”

“It really helps babies when you tell them what they feel and tell them you know how they’re feeling. I would never have thought like that before.”

For Who?

We work with expectant parents, parents with babies, and families with children up until they are three years old who live in the area, to support the emotional wellbeing of parent and child, address the challenges of parenting a baby/young child and promote a secure attachment relationship.

Access via referral by Public Health Nurse or from other Youngballymun programmes.

What can I expect?

Fortnightly home visit of 60-90 minutes. You will have an opportunity to talk with a supportive practitioner who will offer emotional support and practical guidance to you and your child together.

Why do we do it?

The foundations of life- long mental health are laid down in the first years of life through the parent-child relationship. Supporting you to understand your child’s needs, regulate their emotions and enjoy a positive relationship leads to secure attachment and healthy social –emotional development for your child.

Find out more:

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