Young Ballymun

Infant Mental Health Therapeutic Support

Parents have said:

“It helped me break the cycle so what happened to me when I was a child won’t happen to my kids”

“I feel more confident in myself with my daughter, like I’m a good parent and before I wouldn’t have felt like that”

“It really helps babies when you tell them what they feel and tell them you know how they’re feeling. I would never have thought like that before.”

For Who?

Parents and children aged 0-5 years, to support the emotional wellbeing of parent and child, address the challenges of parenting a baby/young child and promote a secure attachment relationship.

Access via referral by Public Health Nurse or from other Youngballymun programme.

What can I expect?

Fortnightly home visit of 60-90 minutes. You will have an opportunity to talk with a supportive practitioner who will offer emotional support and practical guidance to you and your child together.

Why do we do it?

The foundations of life- long mental health are laid down in the first years of life through the parent-child relationship. Supporting you to understand your child’s needs, regulate their emotions and enjoy a positive relationship leads to secure attachment and healthy social –emotional development for your child.

Find out more:

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