Young Ballymun

Hello from the team in Youngballymun

Hello everyone,

In this time of uncertainty, I would like to link with you on behalf of all the team in Youngballymun. 

We are continuing to work with local families and groups providing telephone support, video calls and facilitating our current groups to meet online where possible.

We are also keeping links with all the local agencies that we work with so that we can provide a co-ordinated response to families and children in Ballymun.

We are putting up information on our website for parents to help you all to continue to support your children with interesting activities and ideas to support their emotional and social development. We are also posting fun learning activities on our website and facebook on Monday, Wednesday and Friday that will support you to keep your children reading, writing and talking while they are off school. Click here to view.

All our staff are available by phone and emails, please feel free to contact us so that we can support you and your children during this difficult time.

Stay safe,

Best wishes, Fiona