Young Ballymun

Building Baby from Head to Toe

Parents are taught about how the human brain is wired by simply chatting to your baby, playing with them or soothing them in moments of distress.  This is why the first few years of baby’s life are so important when it comes to laying the foundations for long-term social and emotional wellbeing.

For who?

Caregivers and their babies usually up to the age of about one, but sometimes we can be flexible on the age limit! Open to those with a Public Health Nurse in Ballymun Health Centre; places can be offered to those outside the area depending on availability.


2-hour workshop that runs a number of times a year.


Location may vary, could be in a room in the Axis centre or in another community centre in Ballymun, like The Reco/Ballymun Regional Youth Resource (BRYR), Sillogue Road.


2 hour workshops that offers parents the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how important the everyday moments of interaction with their babies help build healthy brains, and develop baby’s social and emotional wellbeing.  Up to 6 parents can attend with their babies, but it may be less.

How to sign up?

contact Julie-Ann on 087 911 2172 for more info